Cupcake Letter Box

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  1. Hi, loving your videos GREAT JOB! I would love to make this for my mom. Where can I purchase the box? Please

  2. Love love love… thank you for posting.,.. where can we get the monogram boxes please

  3. It looks wonderful. I love cup cakes and its taste is amazing.

  4. Hi where can I get the boxes please

  5. Hello i love this idea where can these boxes be purchased?

  6. Hello. I will like to know where can I get these boxes. They are beautiful

      1. Hello!
        I was wondering if you could give me the link to get to the monogram boxes because i’ve Spent hours to get infos on the net but nothing.
        I even tried on the website Joann craft but I couldn’t get the boxes.
        Maybe i’m Doing it wrong by searching at the wrong sites.
        I’m French and even in French there’s nothing about it.
        Could you please help me out?
        Mille mercis

          1. Thank you so much!

          2. Would you have to cut the box to open it or does it come opened already?

  7. Hi.its amazing.can you share with me recept of this cupcake cream?

  8. What size is the letter? 8.5” or 12”?

  9. Como puedo conseguir esas cajas me interesa

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